Thursday, September 6, 2012

Switching the Cheese

Are you married, been in a long relationship, or just lived with someone that just was picky? The first couple of years that my husband and I were together, was hard. I think everyone has that thought in your mind about how things are going to be and when it's not like that. It's hard to regroup and get on the right track. My thought has always been that we have to make a plan, pretty much for everything. Most important before going to the grocery store, or leave with one of everything! I was looking forward to cooking for my husband. So when Chris started in with the "I will only eat" speech I was about to lose it. Once I took over going to the grocery store, I would try to save money. That means I would buy the store brand of things and shop at Aldi. Chris did not like that, he was stuck up about the name brands. So I got smart. He would HAVE to have Kraft Mac and Cheese and Kraft American Cheese. I would buy one or two of each and then keep the wrappers. I would buy the store brand mac and cheese, throw away all of the wrappers from that. Then I would put the saved brand name mac and cheese on the counter so he would think that's what I had made. It kinda worked with switching sliced cheese also, until he noticed that the wraps around the cheese was different. There were times that I would have to buy the name brand stuff again because Chris would recycle the boxes before I could hide them again. This went on for years until I just got sick of the game and gave in. So now I just make sure I have coupons for them or save enough money in other places to buy the cheese.


  1. Brillent idea! My grandmother used to hate onions so my mom got good at cutting them so small she never knew they were in her cooking. Oh the games we play to get our picky eaters to eat :). BB

  2. So very true!! I just got a new toy for the kitchen so I can hide more onions!!!