Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I know the title is shocking... 
These are the words I say more often then I would like to admit. They are directed to my wonderful husband when he can't find things. He of course LOVES it when I say that to him! Also his love for me oozes out of him when I tell my friends about it. LOL. I guess I have a little bit of a photographic memory. So when Chris is looking for something I can tell him exactly where it is, what color, what size, and what is around it. So my thoughts are. If I give you that much detail and you still can't find it, what else should/could I say other than take it off? My sister has the same problem with her husband. Michael will be looking for something in their really big pantry and will not be able to find what he is looking for. Candi will tell him what shelf it's on and still nothing. She will get up start walking to the pantry and as soon as she is almost there, he will say "oh I found it!"  

I love the men in my life, but it is very frustrating to have this happen. Chris will even tell me that we are out of things that I know are are not. He will not believe me! This happens the most with toilet paper. He will check the bathroom where I put it and not check the hall closet. Once he looks he will say the same thing, "oh I found it!" Grrrr. I just told him yesterday that he couldn't live alone. Maybe the men do this in their way of making us feel needed? 

Does your partner do anything like this? I would really like to know with couples that are the same sex. Is it just a guy thing or do women do this also? 

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  1. Just tonight I told Hubby that Son dropped his Nuk on the kitchen floor while I was holding him as I was making dinner. He couldn't find it. I walked into the kitchen and there it was...on the floor in front of the microwave.