Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Time Blues

The summer is over and I am sad. Not because all of the fun stuff we got to do and now the girls are back to school. We didn't get to do anything really. Compared to last summer. Last summer was one of the best! 

We moved, the girls got their own rooms! 

The first week we were here I ran five times. 

Avery put a rock up her nose and we had to take her to the ER to get it removed, well that wasn't the greatest. 
Now it makes me giggle, a little

We got outside more. There is a park right across the street and it's really nice. 

I would sit outside, drink iced coffee, and read, in the sun!  
It was wonderful! 

We went to see the fireworks, Avery's very first time. 

My girlfriend from North Carolina came into town for a MONTH!!! We got to hang out at a family BBQ at her mom's house. Then a few of us from HS went to Chicago for the day. Then I got to go with her and her boys to a local dinosaur museum. Just us Mom's got to go for dinner and drinks. Last but not least I got to hang out with her and her oldest boy and paint pottery. 

Whitney and I went down to spend the weekend with my friend who lived in Andersonville. We got to try new restaurants and new food. Walked around the city, and got pastries from a local bakery. 
Whitney became a model and got part of her head shaved. 
I met three other ladies that are so awesome, 
I'm awesome because I know them!! 

Then I got a fun trip to the ER to find out I have a throat disease. Yippee for baby bites and eating like an otter!! lol 

Then when we thought it couldn't get any better.....

We went to the One Direction 
concert in Soldiers Field. 

Driving selfie!! Not really do you see the traffic in the background? Gotta love Chicago!

The diner in the back is where we ate before the concert. It was AWESOME! 

The girl in the back cracks me up every time I see this picture. We never did get her name....

A little over a week later it was time to become a 
Sophomore and a Kindergartner!  


That was a great summer!!