Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tigger in the Shower

So Tigger was my husbands cat. He didn't like me at first, Tigger not Chris ;) He would chase me around and try to bite me. Once Chris and I moved in together Tigger and I had a long talk and came to an understanding. I was here and not leaving and that I would give him love if he stopped trying to bite me. Soon after Tigger was my kitty. We ended up having three cats. About six months after Chris and I moved in together we got Ms. Cleo and then once Whitney was in pre-school, Chris got her Princess. All of the cats loved me. I would play with them, feed them and give them water. I would also have Chris change the litter boxes. There was just something about Tigger and me. He would let me hug him and he would sleep on my head. I took a million and one pictures of him. Tigger sitting, Tigger sleeping, Tigger in the sun, Tigger sitting at the table looking like he is ready for dinner. I'm sure there was a point that I may have loved him more than Chris. Sorry honey:)

Once Whitney started going to school full time, I got a job. Well I had a few jobs but the last one was at a popular coffee shop that's known around the world. You know the one I don't have to say the name. The last store I worked at, it had just been built. We had gotten everyone together so we could met who we were going to be working with. You know the deal, what's your name, how long have you been working with the company, and tell us something that no one else knows about you. Ooh fun, she said shaking her head  NO. Hi, my name is Kim I've been working with the company for a little over a year and I hate cards. I love to scrap book but I hate cards and I was told by someone that, that's weird. OK everyone moved on. A few days later I was talking to one of the new managers and I told him that I wish we could go around again and tell something different. He said he felt the same way to, that he would tell me what he would have said if I told him mine. I said sure and he told me that he could from standing kick the top of the door frame. OK now this guy was not young and not short and really not in good shape. I really had to see this to believe, and so he show us. It was crazy. Maybe not to you, people that get to be around other adults, but to me it was cool. So now it was my turn to share, but who could follow that? 

I told him that my cat, Tigger likes to take showers with me. That it started with Tigger just licking the back of my legs. I would scream, close the curtain around him to keep him out. He would just go to the front of the shower and get his paw  wet and lick that instead. Then it turned into him coming into the shower. He loved getting one side of his body wet. When I had time I would get the kitty shampoo and give him a real bath, but for the most part he just liked to get wet. My manager thought that this was crazy, what cat liked to get wet? Well then this Tigger in the shower thing turned into a problem when I would have to open at 4:30am. There was a hand full of times that I had to wake up Chris because Tigger had gotten into the shower and was soaking wet and I had to go to work. The mornings became even more fun when I would have to run into the bathroom before Tigger knew what was going on. If he was awake, he would stand outside the bathroom door meowing to get in. Ah life with cats!!

                                                                            Avery and Tigger. 2010 

So that's my Tigger in the shower story. Do you have pets?What do your pets do that is out of character?   

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Tale of theTail....

 Do you ever have this problem, you have time to do what ever you want and you can't figure out what to do? I just end up watching TV or taking a nap because I don't know which project that I want to finish. Normally I plan for these kind of days. I make a list of things, and projects that I want to do or finish. I have to thank Pinterest for the list being so long! I have the problem that once the list is up where I can see it all the time I get depressed because I haven't had the time to focus on them. I end up taking it down and give myself a little pep talk. "It's fine, I will make the time soon. Don't worry I will remember what I want to do when that time comes." But that day is today and I still can't remember all the little projects that I wanted to get done. I make this list, look at the list, take list down, then forget the list... Can you see me chasing my tail?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Oreo Tin and the Coke Cans Story

When I was younger the rule was after dinner we could have two cookies. My Gram would have the best cookies. The Archway cookies that were in the shape of windmills, chocolate chip, Kebler anything and of course Oreo's. She would also have the danish cookies the ones that came in the blue tin. Once those would be gone she would save the tin and we would refill them with the other cookies. Those tins would smell so good. When all the cookies were gone she would wash them and put them downstairs. One afternoon after school, my friend Susan came over. We were watching TV and were hungry and so I got the Oreo cookie tin. Well before I knew it we had ate the rest of them. So instead of cleaning the tin and putting it downstairs and telling my Gram that we ate them. I ran upstairs so fast to hide it under my bed when I heard the garage door open. Everything was fine until after dinner and she went looking for them and wanted to know where they went. I lied like a dog and was sent to my room. Grandpa went downstairs to look for the tin and it wasn't there. So he told me I better find it. Doug, my brother was told to bring laundry downstairs and guess what I made him bring downstairs with him? Yup that dirty tin. So when I went to look for it I could find it, but lying doesn't get you anywhere. They knew, my Gram would NEVER put a tin downstairs without washing it first. So yup, I wasn't allowed to have friends over for a while after that.

The Coke Cans....
So Susan was over after school and we drank a couple of cokes. This was something that was a treat again and we didn't get to have them all the time. You must be thinking wow this Susan bad influence... nope she is awesome. She lived right next door to me, had a plum tree in her yard, had a very cool mom and cute brothers!! Oh and a very dandy dogie! I can't forget about her sister, she was a year younger. At that time not very fun, but I'm sure things have changed now. ;) So again being sneaky had some draw backs if you didn't follow through and get rid of the evidence!! It was a Saturday morning and I was still in bed. My Gram was walking up the stairs and stopped about 4 stairs from the top. She called "George" (my grandfather) I had woke up when she started walking up the stairs because I knew it was time to wake up. But my heart stopped when she stopped on the stairs. You see at that very step you can see right under my bed....where the empty coke cans happened to be. :(

So people what I am trying to say is....Just wait until your kids get older and you find out all the stuff you didn't know about and just have a good laugh. I wish I could be sharing this with both of my Grandparents. They were wonderful and I miss them a lot. I was a very lucky girl to be able to live with them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Blue Eyeshaow Story

I have no idea how old I was when this happened, maybe sixth grade. I was friends with a girl named, Jen. She had come over to my grandparents house and we were just hanging out. We got bored, like most kids our age so we decided to go to Gungler's. All my friends from Gurnee, IL will remember that place. It was the corner store that had a little bit of everything. You could get your prescriptions there, pay bills, get light bulbs, pick up a last minute gift and of course candy!! Well and make up. Both of us were to younger to wear it but it was fun to look at all the different colors. This was around the time that Debbie Gibson's song Electric Youth as very popular. Gungler's just happened to have a blue eyeshadow, Electric Blue. It was so cool! I think Jen and I bought some candy and left the store. That's when she showed me that she stole some make-up. I was so surprised, but I told her to go back in a get me the electric blue eyeshadow. She did and we left. Once we got back to my house, she went home shortly after that. I started to feel very guilty. So instead of going back to the store to give it back I threw it away without even trying any of it on. Fast forward to a few days later. Every morning my Gram would take a shower and go down and have breakfast. She would come back upstairs and wake us up. While we were getting dressed she would finish getting ready and put her make up on. She had all of her make up in this turquoise silverware tray. It would be in the bathroom until she put it on and then she would put it back in the linen closet. Well this day happened to be no different, I went to the bathroom, there is her tray, but wait there was something new added to it. One electric blue eyeshadow!! She must have found it in the trash, noticed that it hadn't even been used and put it in there. So now everyday I got to see that blue eyeshadow and remember what I did. It wasn't that it was in there for a couple of months, it was longer. It had to be a couple of years, AND she never did use it!! This is why to this day, I will never steal anything again. My Gram might not have known what I did but she sure made me not want to ever do it again. She pasted away in 1994 and I still miss her. She would have been 82 years old today.  She will forever be the lady that I look up to for fashion and her sense of humor.
                                I love you Gram!!

The Forbidden Room

My sister, brother and myself all lived with my mom's parents starting the summer before I went into 5th grade. The house that we lived in, is and will always be my dream home. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, dining room, living room, family room, eat in kitchen. A big back yard, basement, fireplace and a deck. Two and a half car garage, gosh I could go on. Let's just say I LOVE that house. I would go into my sister's room and I would just watch my Grandma iron, for hours. I just liked the smell it made. Sometimes we would talk and sometimes I would just read. Oh and the phone in the kitchen. I would get that phone to stretch all the way down the hall and even up a couple of steps. The Forbidden room was the family room. That was the room that we were not allowed to go in unless it was a holiday or my grandparents had friends over. That was the room that had all the really nice furniture and everything matched. It was by the front door so if anyone rang the door bell this was the room they could see. My Gram would go in there once a week to dust and vacuum. She would leave the vacuum V's in the carpet. You know what I'm talking about. I still do it. The forbidden room was at the front of the house on the right side the dining room was at the back on the same side. The kitchen, where the cookies were, was next to the dining room :) Well I got so good at sneaking around that I knew just were to step so it would go un-noticed. My grandfather would be in the living room and my grandmother would be at the kitchen table. I was able to come down the stairs cross the hall way go into the family room into the dining room. Then into the kitchen to the lazy susan on the right corner and get a couple more Oreo's. Then sneak back upstairs. All without getting caught. I LOVE THAT HOUSE!! 

What memories to do have of the house you grew up in? Do you have kids now? Do you ever wonder what things they will remember from growing up? Do you ever wonder about the stories you have yet to hear about? About things that you don't know happened yet?     

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Egg

I drive a car that we call the Egg, well because it looks like an egg. Maybe you've seen it? It's a Chevy Aveo, in white. Before my husband and I had made the first car payment I got hit in the parking lot while I was working. I came out to find it dented with blue paint on the drivers side door. I was so upset. Chris, my hubby, was able to get some of the dent out and all the paint off. In turn this started all the egg jokes. 

Oh you "cracked the egg" 
Oh I saw something coming out of your car, is that the yoke?
You should get a beak and feet for the car.
There was more but I have blocked them out...

One day a lady and I were walking into U.S Bank. I did the remote lock for the car and she asked me, "Was that a bird?" Me, "No, it's my car alarm...." 

So all the jokes aside, I LOVE my new to me car, that is now paid off for over a year.