Monday, August 6, 2012

The Egg

I drive a car that we call the Egg, well because it looks like an egg. Maybe you've seen it? It's a Chevy Aveo, in white. Before my husband and I had made the first car payment I got hit in the parking lot while I was working. I came out to find it dented with blue paint on the drivers side door. I was so upset. Chris, my hubby, was able to get some of the dent out and all the paint off. In turn this started all the egg jokes. 

Oh you "cracked the egg" 
Oh I saw something coming out of your car, is that the yoke?
You should get a beak and feet for the car.
There was more but I have blocked them out...

One day a lady and I were walking into U.S Bank. I did the remote lock for the car and she asked me, "Was that a bird?" Me, "No, it's my car alarm...." 

So all the jokes aside, I LOVE my new to me car, that is now paid off for over a year.  

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