Monday, August 27, 2012

The Oreo Tin and the Coke Cans Story

When I was younger the rule was after dinner we could have two cookies. My Gram would have the best cookies. The Archway cookies that were in the shape of windmills, chocolate chip, Kebler anything and of course Oreo's. She would also have the danish cookies the ones that came in the blue tin. Once those would be gone she would save the tin and we would refill them with the other cookies. Those tins would smell so good. When all the cookies were gone she would wash them and put them downstairs. One afternoon after school, my friend Susan came over. We were watching TV and were hungry and so I got the Oreo cookie tin. Well before I knew it we had ate the rest of them. So instead of cleaning the tin and putting it downstairs and telling my Gram that we ate them. I ran upstairs so fast to hide it under my bed when I heard the garage door open. Everything was fine until after dinner and she went looking for them and wanted to know where they went. I lied like a dog and was sent to my room. Grandpa went downstairs to look for the tin and it wasn't there. So he told me I better find it. Doug, my brother was told to bring laundry downstairs and guess what I made him bring downstairs with him? Yup that dirty tin. So when I went to look for it I could find it, but lying doesn't get you anywhere. They knew, my Gram would NEVER put a tin downstairs without washing it first. So yup, I wasn't allowed to have friends over for a while after that.

The Coke Cans....
So Susan was over after school and we drank a couple of cokes. This was something that was a treat again and we didn't get to have them all the time. You must be thinking wow this Susan bad influence... nope she is awesome. She lived right next door to me, had a plum tree in her yard, had a very cool mom and cute brothers!! Oh and a very dandy dogie! I can't forget about her sister, she was a year younger. At that time not very fun, but I'm sure things have changed now. ;) So again being sneaky had some draw backs if you didn't follow through and get rid of the evidence!! It was a Saturday morning and I was still in bed. My Gram was walking up the stairs and stopped about 4 stairs from the top. She called "George" (my grandfather) I had woke up when she started walking up the stairs because I knew it was time to wake up. But my heart stopped when she stopped on the stairs. You see at that very step you can see right under my bed....where the empty coke cans happened to be. :(

So people what I am trying to say is....Just wait until your kids get older and you find out all the stuff you didn't know about and just have a good laugh. I wish I could be sharing this with both of my Grandparents. They were wonderful and I miss them a lot. I was a very lucky girl to be able to live with them.


  1. Why did I never know this side of you. wink, wink. Now we just stay up till 2 am drinking coffee! lol Thanks for sharing all your memories.

    1. There is still a little sneaky left in me!! Thanks for reading them.