Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Tale of theTail....

 Do you ever have this problem, you have time to do what ever you want and you can't figure out what to do? I just end up watching TV or taking a nap because I don't know which project that I want to finish. Normally I plan for these kind of days. I make a list of things, and projects that I want to do or finish. I have to thank Pinterest for the list being so long! I have the problem that once the list is up where I can see it all the time I get depressed because I haven't had the time to focus on them. I end up taking it down and give myself a little pep talk. "It's fine, I will make the time soon. Don't worry I will remember what I want to do when that time comes." But that day is today and I still can't remember all the little projects that I wanted to get done. I make this list, look at the list, take list down, then forget the list... Can you see me chasing my tail?


  1. Yes, I can see you chasing your tail. You don't need a physical list, you have Pinterest!

  2. Usually, when I have time to do what I want a nap is pretty high on the list! When will I get to sleep through the night?