Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Day I Went Fishing

March 2016 was a interesting month for me!

I was hanging out with a friend waiting for the girls to get out of school. We went shopping and his phone kept going off. I was getting annoyed. I finally asked him what was going on. He told me that he was "talking to a few people", with a weird look on his face. I asked him what do you mean "you are talking to a few people"? He admitted to me that he had signed up for a singles website. I laughed at him. He had been trying to get me to sign up for one for a while and I refused! I would NOT go down that road. When I wanted to date again I would find a guy a different way, not from a singles website!! 

All day long, his phone, 

My phone, no buzzing, no chirping.  I would look at it, shake it, Grrr at it. NOTHING! So after a long day of spending too much money and the help of a glass of wine I told him let's do this thing!!

I regretted it right away! As soon as I started my profile, my phone was going off, email was blowing up! It was insane. I didn't know what I was doing. This was my first time on a site like this. It was overwhelming. It took me a little while to figure out how things worked and all that time I was getting messages from different guys. They smelled the fresh meat I guess? My friend had been on the site before so he knew what he was doing so he kept "liking" people when I said they were cute. I wanted to know more about them before "liking" them so he wasn't helping!!

That first night I talked a few guys. It was flattering that I got so many messages. It was nice that I had options. I met a few guys for coffee. I could tell right away that there was something that just didn't click. So no one got a second date.

I didn't think that I needed a singles website. I was ok being single and taking life as it was. Now I wouldn't know how life would look like without going on. I have found the love of my life. How many people can say that? He was one of the first guys to message me. We talked for a while on the website and then he asked me for my number so we could text. The pictures on the singles site were great. I was attracted to him right away. He was a little sassy which I like. Very confident which is always a good thing. We went on our first date at the end of March. He was the first and last guy to get a second date. 

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