Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Me Funny, noooo.

I have had people tell me for a while that I'm funny. My reply to that has always been, only if you know me. In one week time I had two different people tell me "no, your funny". So that's one of the reasons why this blog thing started. After my first post I was stalking people on Facebook to see what they thought. Was it funny? Did you laugh? What part? Then self doubt started in. Should I still blog? I can't hear anyone laugh and I live for that. I wrote a list of things that I thought would be fun to write about: 

The Forbidden Room
The Oreo tin and Coke cans
Rice Krispy oops!
"Me won't do that ev-ah again"
Blue eye shadow story
My beer thoughts
The Fire
Hate cards, like scrap booking?
Tigger in the shower
SAH mommy, I need a smart phone right?
FPU Obsession
Rosie, Oprah and reality TV
Switching the cheese

What I will do is once these stories are done, I will see if people still want more. Or if I even have more to write about. Are you ready for the ride?
I am. 

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