Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Henry the Chicken

For those of you that know me outside of this blog, know I don't like raw meat. It's not my friend. I have had thoughts of going vegan, but then I get my period and NEED a cheeseburger!! Yum. Also I think Chris would consider divorcing me if I cut meat out of our diet all together. So because of my love for him I deal with it.

I was telling my sister about me cooking a whole chicken and she thought that it was funny and that I should blog about it so here it is.

Henry the Chicken was purchased on sale. He was a whole chicken and was not even 5 pounds. A friend of mine cooked her whole chicken in the slow cooker so I figured I could do that also. What I hadn't counted on was getting him to come out of the plastic he was wrapped in. I had a bowl for him to sit in until I could put him in the slow cooker. I started cutting him out and tried to squeeze him out of the wrapper. I hadn't realized until he wouldn't come out that I started cutting at the wrong end. So I tried to cut down one of the seems on the side, all the juices started to come out and there was nothing I could do about it.

This was my personal HELL!!

I had already put a liner in the slow cooker so once he was free I put him in it. I salt and peppered him, turned the cooker on low and walked away. Until my friend that cooked one called and I asked her if she put hers in a bath, water or chicken broth. She used broth. She then had to ruin my day by asking me if I took the "bag" out. I told her that it didn't say anything about having a bag inside him and that I already tried getting the thongs inside of him and to tell you the truth I didn't even know what side I should be looking for it anyway!! This was my hell, I tell you!! She told me that it was in the legs side. She said that I had to spread the legs apart and take the bag out. I told her that was violating the chicken. I think she said something like get over it, the chicken is dead and wouldn't feel it. Well I hadn't washed the thongs yet, so I got two sandwich bags and put them on my hands so I wouldn't have to touch him. I spread his legs apart and got the bag out. It would have been great to know that the bag is open and to be careful when removing or the stuff that is in the bag could come out and get all over the outside of the chicken!! HELL, my hell!! So that was it, I was not going to touch this thing anymore. I put the lid back on and walked away!

Henry stayed in there longer then he should have, gotta love Open House time for school. Whitney and I did eat some, it was dry. I now am looking forward to getting all the bones out and making my own chicken broth. Let's hope that will go smoothly.

Special thanks to Candi, my sister that I think snorted when I told her the part about the sandwich bags on my hands.

Also to my friend, Bethany that also cooked a whole chicken and told me to get over it.


  1. HAha, your probably right. If there is another time I will remember that, Thanks.