Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Beer Thoughts

I don't drink. Well there was a time a couple years ago that every July 4th I would drink. Never enough to get drunk, and I would always stop well before we had to leave. Again, the first time I was in a bar I was 30. So when I was in one I really didn't know what to order. My mom would drink Kahlua and cream. My grandfather was a Manhattan, my step father Pabst Blue ribbon beer, yuck. I was familiar with a Bahama mama from Applebee's and screwdrivers. At a bar I didn't know what would be cool to order so this is when my thoughts on beer started.

I always love watching commercials. That's my part of the Super Bowl. Even though the last few years haven't really been good, I still watch them. Years ago Budweiser had the ants and the aardvark ad with the Bee Gee's song Staying Alive. You know the one and if you are to young to remember, google it!! From that moment I knew that if I ever had to buy a beer or order a beer it would be a Bud. I loved those commercials!! Then they came out with the frogs!! That sealed it. I know that sounds dumb and that's one of the reasons why I never went into a bar or order a beer to drink.

When you go out what do you order? Is it beer, or something different?


  1. I usually get Electric Lemonade (lemonade with Blue raspberry vodka) or an Amaretto Sour, but not a stone sour. OJ and alcohol mixed together do not like me.

  2. The lemonade does sound good. I will have to remember that if I ever go to a bar again. Thanks for sharing!!