Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I LOVE Garage Sales!

I have found garage sale sites on Facebook and 
                             LOVE THEM!

 So many things to look at and so little time to post interested! I have gotten clothes for my girls, a toy box, gifts for friends, home decor, and kitchen items. I even got a lot of my Christmas list from the garage sale sites. 

My most favorite item that I got was a Pyrex 1 quart GREEN casserole dish!! I LOVE it! The first time I got to use it, it was for veggies. Second time was for taco meat. It held a pound and a half of it. I have a small kitchen table for four people so space on the table is at a premium. The Pyrex takes up half the space the skillet did. (Insert happy dance here!) I can not wait to see what else I can put in it! What will be my favorite? 
 Gosh so many options....

My love of Pyrex started many years ago when my sister got married. They got white Pyrex with lids, I can't remember if it was a wedding gift or something they had just picked up. I always thought that's what married people do. They have matching dishes, a full set of Tupperware and really nice serving dishes!! I know silly but I didn't have a lot of examples of what marriage looked like or how it was supposed to be. My sister and brother in law became my blue print. They both worked, Michael would cook and they told each other EVERYTHING. When Chris and I would fight, they would help us see each others point of view. I owe a lot of years of marriage to them. Now years later, Candi and I joke that we both marriage each other. She is so much like Chris it really isn't funny. On the other hand I guess Michael and I are quiet a bit alike. Just last night Christmas Eve Candi said, "I married my sister". I few minutes later Michael said, "Wait, What?" LOL, I am so blessed to have them as real life examples of what marriage is. 

Thank You Candi and Michael.

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