Sunday, March 10, 2013

Road Rage

I has it, road rage. It's not been diagnosed but everyone that has been in the car with me for any length of time knows I have a mild to moderate case of it! My pastor has said that everyone is a pharisee about something. That thing for me is the rules of the road. Don't get me wrong I do speed, 5 over. I just get out of the way if someone else wants to go faster. What drives me crazy is I will be in the right lane, someone is tailgating me. They go into the left lane to pass me then come back into the right lane, to then turn right IN FRONT OF ME!! Grrrr. Other issues I have are people not getting all the way into the turn lane. The people that smoke, are on the phone and driving. How in the world do they think that doing all of that at one time is safe?? I thought that the road rage would go away now that I have a KIA Sportage, but no. I still get ticked when people do not use their turn signals. I know that I will have more issues once I get to know the new car, but for now this is all I have!! Thanks and use your turn signals!!  

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