Friday, May 23, 2014

Week One

So much of me wanted to stay in bed this morning. I went to bed late last night. I had gotten a iTunes gift card and was picking out songs and getting some more of my library on the iPod. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I guess I should play around with iTunes more often. Once I did go to bed I fell right to sleep. I didn't even move until Chris tried waking me up. He told me what time it was and I made a sound. You know the one that's not a "yes or a no", or a "I'm up or go away". It's just a sound so he knew I heard him. Once I did that though I was up. It sucks. Then I saw what time it was I really got moving. I was going to make Whitney late for school it I didn't. I got out the door and dropped my phone, again. Shhh don't tell Verizon!! My goals for today? Don't fall, and don't stop running until the half way mark. I got both of them!!! I only stopped twice to get my breathing under control. This Sunday is a virtual 5K. I have mapped my route out and I am looking forward to it. 

I need to take a minute to toot that horn of mine. I am a big girl. I have had two kids and have not taken care of myself in all these years since. That is changing. I am so proud of myself. I have ran five times this week. FIVE!! That's more than when I was going to the gym! Now I will add that I was on the bike for 6 miles before a mile run then the treadmill for cool down, but still!! OH my bike.....huh. Well that's something I will have to think about! So what I am trying to say, do something for yourself. That makes your heart sing!! Only you can do that for yourself.

Today's selfie!! 
Was it a fast run? No. Was it a long run? No. Who cares? I don't, because I got out there and DID IT!! 
TOOT flipping TOOT!!!

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