Friday, January 16, 2015

January 4, 2015

The day he moved out, a little. 

He is no longer going to be here everyday and every night. I'm supposed to be happy right? This was supposed to have happened months ago. I was ready then, not now. That morning started off good. We talked and came to a better understanding of what has happened in the last week that has brought us to this point. He got the suitcase from downstairs and started to fill it. Avery had a lot of questions. She also wanted to help him pick out what clothes went with him to his friends house. He went to drop stuff off and then came back. I had to work that night and he offered to take me. Which I accepted. He picked me up and brought me home. He came in, and checked on the girls. We talked for a little bit. 
Then he kissed my forehead, 
walked to the door, 
opened it 
said "bye" 
walked out.
Closing the door behind him. 

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