Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Washington D.C.

I am going on the 8th grade trip to Washington DC with Whitney and I am pumped!!! 

While typing that I am screaming it in my head! I didn't go when I was in school. I have been telling her for years now that I was going to go with her. Just so she would have the time to get over it. It's a week away and now I am freaking out. I have never been away from Avery. So five days away from being hugged, kissed and sniffed from her is going to be hard. Chris and I will be able to Skype but that will not be good enough. I wonder if she will notice if I take one of her blankies?  Before I go I have to clean the whole place. Plan meals for the hubby, and Avery. Pack, get Whitney packed, and I am sure a whole lot of other things that I have not even thought of. 

I am worried about knowing nothing about our nations capitol. The term, use it or lose it, is really how my life works. I wonder if there is a Washington DC for dummies? 

Did I forget to pass on the fact that I will be with gosh 30ish other eighth graders? Some of them I like, a good chunk I don't remember who they are, and then we get to the ones that if I had a chance would not even be on this trip. That again is a story for another time. 

I have been going to the gym to prepare for this trip. I figured if I was going to be able to keep up with all these teenagers I better lose some weight. Then I started thinking. If they have to move from their hotel room to the bus they are already tired. So I think I got this. 

I am worried about making sure I am taking care of myself. Eating the right things, will be hard for me. All meals will be "out". I do not think we will be by a kitchen that I will be able to make my own food. I am not one of those that can't let anyone touch her food. I am type 2 Diabetic and I have issues with food. Like eating to much of it, eating cupcakes, donuts and large sizes of coffee! Oh and bagels. Yes bagels are evil!! Oh but they are so good! 

Change of subject. 

Whitney's Ginger will be on the trip along with his parents. I have met his parents a hand full of times and I like them a lot. They are going to be going with us but not on the bus. I have been trying to talk his Mom into coming onto the bus. So we can talk. So far I know two other Mom's that are going to be going. I know one of them and I are rooming together, so this should be fun. Of course get back to me once I am there and want to hurt someone. We were given five pages of rules/instructions. I am bringing my copy with me!! 

Prayer Request:
Please pray that I do not want to eat my young before we even leave the school parking lot. That I do not miss Chris and Avery to much and start screaming to turn the bus around! Oh please pray that I do not embarrass myself, Whitney is ok, with anything related to politics. I will need some extra help with not over stepping with other people kids. The most important, that I take care of myself. That I make the right choices. Thank You! 

Wish me Luck!! 


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    1. THANKS!! I can not wait to get back so I can post pictures!

  2. The MOST important thing, bring GOOD walking shoes & HAVE a TON of fun. I've been to DC twice, it is amazing & should be beautiful this time of year. Kashi makes phenomenal "snack" bars. The carbs on them are pretty good. My dad is diabetic too & I buy them for him. The coconut & dark chocolate/cherry one he loves & eats pretty regularly. You might want to check them out. They travel pretty good. My prayers are with you & your family!!!