Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mopping is AWESOME!!

I like to mop. Getting the hot water in the bucket, putting a little pine sol in. Putting the mop in the water and washing my floors. I love the whole process. I was even looking forward to doing it here because I have more floor. 

I take it all back!!! 

I swept my floor and mopped and it took me 5 minutes. That was even stopping to take pictures!!! 

I LOVE my Norwex mop!!!! 

My floor is even dry already! lol 

So here I will break down my five minutes;

  • Whitney removed the floor mats while I put the dry mop head on the mop handle. 
  • I swept, I took a picture. I forgot to take one of the dry mop before. Sorry! 
  • I took blue mop head (took a picture of before!) and wet it  down. Rolled it up to get out most of the water. 
  • I then took the dry mop pad off, and put the wet one on. 
  • Adjusted the mop for Avery. She really really wanted to mop. 
  • I took a picture. She was done, then I mopped. 

All done!! 

Did I tell you my floors are already dry? 
Did I tell you that it took me longer to type this then it did to do clean my floor? 
Eeek!! I LOVE THIS MOP!!! 
Dry Mop Head

Wet Mop (BEFORE)
Wet Mop (AFTER)
Avery my little helper. 
It's a little to big for her but,
she was still able to mop.


So happy to be helping Mommy! 

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  1. Send her on over to my house :-) Next week, before our teacher visit, lol!