Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Did This Happen?

I can not sleep. Is it because I am to excited to sleep like that little boy the night before going to Disney World? Can I not sleep because Avery just got up and peed in the hallway, and in the potty? Is it because my ankle is itching? 

Off Ramp Warning!!! 
I got "taken down" by a St. Bernard named Ruby. She isn't even a year old and I love her. She just likes to run circles around you while on her leash. I just happened not to jump over it once and she took me down to the ground and I now have a slice on my right foot. It's healing, but it's very itchy!! 

Back On The Road!!! 
 Maybe it's all of the above. I think that it just might be because I will have a high school freshman tomorrow morning. I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Four more years with this one and we are almost done. She will not need us, (me), on a everyday kind of level. The one she is going to is not a typical high school thank goodness. One floor and a lot of nerds. I am worried that she is going to get lost. Get her heart broken. Get lost in the shuffle of everyday life in a high school. Chris is worried that she will be picked on.

Now what about the little one? I am having a hard time thinking about what I went through when Whitney was that age. Things changed. She came home smelling like..... school. Not my baby. I told Whitney when she was in Kindergarten, ok now go make Mommy friends. I have friends this time. I was super(ish) involved. I would come into class and help the teachers. Will I be able to still do that? Will I be able to be as involved if not more than I was when Whitney was little? 

How do I balance everything? 
I don't want Whitney to feel like she doesn't have me there for her. 
I also want Avery to have me around as much as Whitney did. I want to give Avery the same life, but better than we were able to give Whitney. How do you do that with kids that are so far apart in age?  


  1. I'm sure Judy could give you some good advice on raising kids in school that are so far apart...shes a pro, beings that my siblings are all 10+ years older than me...

    the girls are gonna have a great year! You will have a great year too!

  2. I think you can volunteer for Avery and Whitney won't miss out because she will be at school :-) And she probably thinks that if you are occupied with Avery, you won't be able to embarrass her...lol! You have two very lucky little girls because you are such a great Mom!