Monday, September 23, 2013

Bad Run

I had a bad run this morning. I know for some that doesn't mean a thing. I got up and got to the gym and ran didn't I? I didn't understand when my friends would say they didn't have a good run and now I do. I was so pumped to get to the gym this morning. I was even not that concerned about the ladies locker room filled with old naked women! I went upstairs to the track and started to run. Then my bra straps started to fall down. For the first full lap that's all they did. If I lose anymore of my boobs Chris is going to leave me for a bigger boobed lady!! Well no he wouldn't but he wouldn't like me having to buy new bras again. I think, well I know that I started out faster than I have before, so then my breathing was off. The songs just were to slow. I tired to work with them, slow my pace and get my breathing back. That didn't work. My legs were so tired. I stopped for a turn and talked to myself. "Push through this, I've got this. Cake walk!" "Oh yeah guy who is just walking, yeah you just got chicked" Nothing I said to myself got me to get through it. I think I ended up running 2.66 miles. I went to the treadmill afterwards. "Hey maybe I can finish off my run here. I have never ran on the treadmill lets see. I can just zone out and get it done." Well I forgot I needed to put my cell phone back in my arm band, so the half mile I was on it didn't count. Grrr. 
I guess I am just frustrated on top of this mornings run. The scale has not moved, and I am still wanting to fall asleep as soon as I am done with a run, among other things.  There was a guy on the track today that just looked awesome! Running for him looked so effort less. Will running EVER be like that for me? 
My first ever 5K July 31st 2013
It took me almost an hour to run/walk the whole thing.

So as you can see Sept 18th 2013 was a big improvement.

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  1. First, the scale can be frustrating, are you tracking calories or anything like that because most trainers will tell you weight loss is 80% diet 20% exercise. But also don't just rely on the scale as working out turns fat into muscle which is heavier. so some weeks you'll break even or even gain but if you take measurements you'll see that you are losing inches which means you are getting HEALTHIER.
    As for running, maybe it's time to add in variety. Running is hard on your body and its (in my opinion) very monotonous. Maybe try some other things that interest you to mix it up. I personally love strength stuff but hate cardio unless its like kickboxing. But I struggle to get 15 minutes on a treadmill cuz I am so bored but I can spend hours on the weight machines. I also think not everyone is a runner, if you like it, great!!! But if its going to be a stumbling block switch it up!!