Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm Coming Out!

I think that it's time to finally come out of the broom closet and tell everyone. 

I am a Norwex consultant. 

I signed on with my friend Natalie with like 6 hours left to do it. Yes I just signed up for free stuff!! Duh! Then I was talking to the ladies in the church office and realized. I really do love these products! That and customer education was not happening!! I have in fact told a couple of the ladies that I will be picking up their cloths on Sunday and washing them in the Norwex laundry soap!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if I just used my cloths for cleaning the office, well and at home of course. I know that one lady brings her little one in and another is pregnant. I would feel so much better not using chemicals around them!! I did forget to say that it took me half the time to clean the office even with Avery "helping" me. Now I do have another friend that cleans the office also. So what normally would take two hours with talking, took one and we still got to talk! The floors in the bathrooms were even dry! 

I know that once I reach out and start telling and showing people what these cloths can do they will be impressed and want to get rid of the chemicals. I keep remembering that smell does not equal clean. No smell is clean. I am not crazy when I say I will come over to my friends houses and clean. I love to use the cloths. It's like making sure they will do what they say they will. I love them I love them I love them!! Now if I could only get my husband to let me buy one of everything!!

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  1. Ok first of all I love this picture! And yes, I was misinformed about how to care for my products, so it's nice to have an expert in my circle of friends now! Now I need it all in my house, and demonstrations on how to use it :-)