Monday, October 7, 2013

Meow Meow Kitties

I miss them. We had three before the fire, one survived. She is now living with my sister and her family. We do not get to see her that much, and I miss her. 

Chris came with Tigger. Orange and white tabby that didn't like me at first. He would chase me out of the bathroom and try to bite the backs of my legs. Then Chris and I moved in together. Tigger and I had a talk one day in the closet. After that we were best friends. We would sit down to eat and he would be right there. Sitting at the table on one of the chairs, looking like he was ready for dinner. I got pregnant with Whitney and he would be by my side as soon as I got home. 

Then we got Cleopatra, Ms. Cleo for short. She was mostly gray with a little white under her chin. We got her from a friend of a friend. She had a little girl that would just chase her. When I got to hold her for the first time I fell in love. She was so small. We brought her home that night without even thinking about it. She was so fun. She would untie my shoes when ever I would put them on. Which was great when I got home from work, not so much when I was leaving! She didn't get very big. So once I got big with Whitney I would still put Cleo on me. Tigger seemed to love her pretty much from the beginning also. I would find them curled around each other sleeping in the sun. 

A few years later we got Princess. A mix of dark brown, and white with a little caramel spot on top of her head. I guess the story goes that one of Chris's co-workers had a kitty that had babies. I said no. He brought home pictures, I fell in love. Jerk! ;) So now this kitty was going to be Whitney's kitty. She was to play with her and clean one of the litter boxes. The cleaning part didn't last very long, but the playing did. Princess would follow her around and cry for her when she went to school. As soon as she would be home Princess would be right on her. She would be licking Whitney's nose and snuggling with her. We tried to have a place on the floor in Whitney's room for her to sleep. Again that didn't last long. We would find Princess in her bed when we would go check on her. 

I remember when it was 10PM Cleo would come out into the living room and meow at me. She was like my Mom telling me it was time for bed. She wouldn't stop until I came to bed. Once I was ready she would wait for me to lay on my right side. Then she would walk up me and lay on my left side. That got to the point I couldn't move, ever! So I got her to move. She would then lay right by my face. I would hug her, smell her and give her a kiss. Then we would go to sleep. Well until Tigger would jump up on Chris's side of the bed, walk over him to get to me. Then lay down on my head. I would move him down by my legs and he would always come back up to my pillow. If I tried to move him to many times he would do a deep meow at me. Letting me know this was not the deal! 

I know that the people that do not have cats or do not even like them probably are thinking that I am crazy. I was, crazy about my furry babies!! They each had a personality. I would call to them, all three in different ways and they would come to me. Chris would be so annoyed by it. "How do you get them to do that?!" I don't know. They just like me better I guess. :)

Not everyday was a great day with three cats in a small apartment with towards the end four people. We bought new furniture right before we had Avery. So the cleaning up after the cat fur was driving me insane. I got big so I no longer wanted extra fur in my face while I was trying to get some sleep. Once Avery came we would find Princess in the fold and go. Chris would have to clean it. Almost everyday. Tigger was getting sick everywhere. Cleo was fine. To tell the truth. I don't even know if Avery ever saw Cleo. So having what felt like four babies was a lot for me to deal with. 

I do miss them though. Sometimes when I am about to be awake, I think I feel one of them jump up on the bed. I get so happy wondering which one it will be. Then I remember where I am and know that's not possible. I have been going to a kitty shelter here in the downtown area. The girls and I have favorites. Chris doesn't go to the shelter. Since being away from the meows for so long he is now allergic to them. So the chances of us getting kitties again in the future really will depend on him being able to breathe. 


  1. Aww. You had some pretty kitties.
    I'm more of a visit and love on other peoples pets kinda gal....but I do miss all the ones I started to Love on :(
    You'll have to take me to that kitty place some time for a quick visit!

  2. We have two cats, I know how you feel about loving them despite them driving you crazy. :)

  3. what sweet pictures. our cats drive me batty in so many ways but although they've pretty much deserted me for the kids its totally worth it to see the relationship they have with the boys.

  4. Cats are so...sneeze sneeze...cute! And Bridget, let me know when you go see the kitties, I will drop my kid with you, she loves to go and was just telling me how Kim has to take her because I'm allergic...