Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Favorite Thing About Fall

This is what I was asked to enter a give away on Facebook. I think that I sat looking at the little blinkie thing for five minutes. I do not have just one thing that is my favorite. I know for most people that fall is their favorite. So I started thinking, what is it about fall that I LOVE? 

The leaves changing is a given. 
Apples and pumpkins go hand in hand also. 
Using blankets for snuggling with my little one. 
The fresh crisp air. 
Cooking w/the oven. I would say baking but I'm diabetic.  
Drinking hot coffee! Oh and spiced apple cider. 
Going to pumpkin farms and corn mazes with friends. 
Crafting, learning how to knit seems like a better idea in fall. 
Eating soup and chili.
Wearing sweaters.
School starting and school pictures.
Not getting picked on for wearing shoes and socks!
Getting ready for Trick or Treat. 
Watching football. Now I will lie about this to the hubby, but it is part of fall that I love. 

I am sure that I am missing a lot of things. For now this is all I can think of. 

What are you favorite thing(S) of Fall? 

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