Friday, April 18, 2014

Time for a Change

It's like having a bad hair day over and over. 

Then you finally book an appointment to get it cut and that day your hair looks great. That's when I start to tell myself, maybe I don't need to get it cut. Look at how good it looks. Is it really a good hair day or is it that your so relieved to be getting it cut? That it just looks better to you?

That's kind of how Chris and I are right now. We have had so many bad days, but once he booked an appointment to go see someone. Things got better. We started to talk to one another, nicer. We worked together doing the budget without that many issues. We were even on the same page with parenting. 

We have gone to the counselor twice. The first appointment, I felt great afterwards. I felt that she really heard what I was saying. I can only speak for myself though. I did tell Chris that at any point he doesn't feel like she is helping him or he doesn't like her we can find someone else to go see. Just because I like her doesn't mean that he does and I want this to work. So I will not see her as a couple if that's what it takes. Now, he didn't say anything about not liking her and he feels the same way I do about this. 

So.... we did have fights that week. He was working on a Sunday! When his job is closed. He wouldn't even known about the call if he didn't have his work cell phone on. AND well we got into a fight over him spending 1.06. Well at least we had things to talk about for this last week!! 

She gave us a couple of things to work on. She even wants us to plan a night that he gets off work on time and then do something, together, as a couple. What is that even look like anymore? 

Chris picked Friday night, as in tonight to be off on time. Our big plans you ask? Getting stuff for Easter and then then ice cream. No it's not a weekend in warm weather. It's not even a night in the city. BUT what it is, is a start. A start to getting to know each other again. A start to being able to trust him again. I am so looking forward to this I can not even tell you. 


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