Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Are Back on the Diet

The Financial Peace diet. 

This time around though Chris is with me. We have missed one of the weeks due to us fighting. That's ok. We can always go online and watch it. I am the Nerd, he is the Free Spirit, and oh boy is he ever!!! I do the budget and everything has been ok. I have missed a few things each time and I have to re-do it. Then I get crabby but he has been right there with me. Telling me I can do it. I normally tell him at that point that he is sucking up so he doesn't have to do it. I got this weeks budget done last night and we went through it this morning. We did have to change a few things around. (GRRR!! There is always something!) Totally my fault this time, I want Avery's spring pictures. So that wasn't something we knew about until I got them in her cubbie on Friday. Surprise!! 

Well we went through the rest of the bills and talked about planning a week worth of meals. This has been a big fight for us for many many years. This time I promised him that I found something that was going to make it so much easier for us. The blog that I found, "themed" everyday of the week. You have to check it out. Chris was excited, yes you didn't read that wrong. Well, OK, he was as excited as he could be about picking themes and planning meals. LOL. 

So off to Walmart we went, together, on a Saturday. Yes I know we are insane. Everything was good until I forgot the list. Although I did write it twice, once to get all the ingredients, and second to get everything in order of the aisles. (so many I am the only one that's insane?) Whitney was able to take a picture of it and save my booty, I mean send it to Chris. It didn't take as long as I thought to get everything we needed. Also there was only a couple of people that I wanted to ram with the cart. 

Once we got to the check out though, Chris turned into a three year old child.
Chris, "Can I get a drink?"
Me, "No"
Chris, "But I need something"
Me, "No, that one bottle is half the price of a 12 pack. I would rather you go get a 12 pack." 

*Off Ramp Warning*
 I have to say, shopping for us is hard. Both of us hate going and doing it together I am surprised we made it to check out. ;)
Also we had already reached are week allowance for food.
So there was no way buying pop was going to happen.

Chris,"Can I get a candy bar then?"
Me, "No."
Chris, "But I am hungry."
Me, "So am I. Although I know I didn't burn as many calories as you did today, but still. Suck it up!"
I don't think that he said anything else after that. ;)
This whole process is hard but it's teaching us we don't need all of those over processed snacks and pop. We have the money for what we need, not what we want. 

The end of this story is we need to have more family time. What are we going to be getting with using a budget? Family time. It's starting at the dinner table. There is even a night that Whitney can cook. This week it's only putting frozen pizzas in the oven but it's a start!!

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