Friday, April 4, 2014

Online Class

So I have started taking a class online, for the first time ever. 

I thought that this would be a good idea. I don't know now. I have not been in a "class" well for a lot of years. We do not need to get into numbers here people. I have been reading and of course they are asking you questions like if you do this, then maybe you shouldn't be in this class, sort of thing. Or you should really have this in place before you think you can ever do it professionally. So I have really been thinking, what was I thinking?? I got through the first lesson. I did the assignment and then the quiz. I keep checking back to see if it's been graded yet. (It hasn't been) I have moved onto the second lesson and have even completed those assignments and quiz. AND I am still waiting....I keep thinking that I don't want to move onto the next lesson until I have the grades from the other two first. What if I failed everything? What if I can't do anything to bring up my grade? What if I am totally off the mark on how I answered the questions? Would I be able to go back and re-do the assignments? I have to have a final grade of 71 to pass, but who wants that? 


                         still "Under Review"

AUGH!!! Come on, please just grade something! 


Two of the five have been graded!!! I got 25/25 and then 52.5/55. So you are currently reading a blog of an A student!!! Woot Woot!! 

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