Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'm Not Offended....Much

Now that the girls are in school, I might, miss them a little. Yesterday Avery asked me for more pickles.
**(Off Ramp Warning)**
 Yes my kid LOVES pickles. She, at one point could eat a whole jar of Milwaukee's Best pickles in one day. Now I have to limit her to three a day. She gets mad when I don't pack any in her lunch bag. No Kidding. 

So when she asked for them yesterday I got them for her. She however did not ask for them very nicely so I made her do it again then say sorry. Then I told her that I also needed kiss-E-ss. That's Kim speak for a whole lot of kisses all at once. She said no, and well I kissed her anyway. The kid started to CRY!! Yes, you read that correctly. She didn't want kisses from me so much that she started to cry. I was so sad. So I got her the pickles. 

Then I went to Whitney's room to kiss her instead. I was met with, 
"What are you doing?" 
"Get off of me!"
"I don't want you to kiss me!!"
"I was watching a movie!!"
"Stop Mom!!!" 
Then there might have been some flipping of the Mommy off the bed.....Not my proudest moment. 
We have always said, if you tickle us we are not responsible for your injuries!! So I pushed her off the bed and tickled her!! HA! I was able to get two kisses on her check. I told her that she owed me at least three more. That was met with the "that's never going to happen" face. (I did get them later!!)

Now every time I come close to either of them they hide behind pillows. 
I'm not offended, much. 
My beautiful girls, that hate Mommy kisses. :(

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