Saturday, September 13, 2014

Organizing- Avery's Closet

I love going through Avery's closet!! 
Getting the small clothes out and putting the seasonal clothes in. 

This is one of the many things about being a parent that is so much fun. Whitney and Avery have been my little dolls that I get to dress up and play with. Now that they are both older it's getting a lot harder to get them to wear what I want though. 

This is how I start going through her closet. She is now 5 years old so anything that is smaller than a 5T gets put in a pile right away. I got a little crazy when we first moved in. Avery had her very own closet so I hung up sizes that really didn't fit yet. So back out those go! Once I got through every piece of clothing. I ended up with four piles, size five outfits and summer clothes. Size six outfits and dresses. Size six tops and bottoms that didn't match. Size four clothes going to my favorite children's consignment store. 

HA! At this point I was almost done!! 
Next I went through the baskets that hold the off season clothes, and bigger sizes. I hung up all that would fit her now. I put the clothes that I had piled into the baskets and made new labels. 

I have high hopes that this kid will wear pants this year!! 

As Avery gets older the less I buy bigger. Just in case she doesn't like what I pick out. :(

These I still held onto just in case next summer she can still fit into some of it. 

Once all that was done, it was time to go through her dresser. Avery wanted to help with that, so everything was in a nice big pile for me! In her dresser I have, well ok at this point HAD, three baskets. One for underwear, one for socks and one for tights. Her PJ's fit nicely behind the baskets. Again I went through every piece and got rid of anything that was smaller than what would fit her now. She had a couple pairs of tights, a lot of underwear and pj's that needed to go. I do not consign underwear, so those went right into the garbage. All the rest I checked for stains and holes. If they were good to go, they went into the pile for the consignment store.

Time to get more underwear! I wonder which ones she will pick this time? 

It didn't take long to do and I love doing it!! Now she is already for the 40-50 degree days we have had the last couple of days. She even got a couple new pairs of shoes. No new pink cowgirl boots. Maybe we can get another pair of those around Halloween again? ;)

I hope this helps you organize your kid(s) closets or even your own. If you want any help let me know!!! 

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