Monday, September 22, 2014

Nerd Cry

Does this make me a nerd if I cry over a good grade? 

I have been putting off one of my last assignments because it's been by far the hardest lesson over all. It's about marketing and a lot of other "stuff". I really didn't understand it but I went along and took notes. (More like copied the whole lesson down and hoped for the best) When it came time to do one of the assignments I felt like my head was going to explode. I emailed the teacher, which I hadn't needed to do before this. She told me to fill out what I could. Well ok, thanks. Did she forget that I have been getting 100% on almost everything that I had submitted? I really didn't want to do bad on this assignment! I even reached out to a friend for help. I told her that I love her! I finally stopped stalling and just took it bite by bite. It wasn't easy for me. After re-reading it a couple times and making Chris listen to it also. 


And then prayed. I started to work on the very last assignment, which has been fairly easy. I just need a few more ideas and I can type it up. Then I will need to study for the final. This morning I went onto my class website and just thought to myself, "I will just check. I've never gotten a grade back this soon anyway." 

OH. MY. GOSH!!!! 25/25 I got a 100%!!!!! 

No way! I want to kiss my teacher, if I knew who she was!! Well I know who she is, I just don't know where she lives. So yup, I started to cry. I am so close to being done with this class that even if, IF I fail the final I would still pass. Now that I shared with you. It's time to get back to work!! 

Kimberly Palo 
(Soon to be)
Professional Organizer 


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