Friday, May 29, 2015

10 More Days!!

All year long I have tried to get Avery into the habit of getting dressed then coming out to eat breakfast while I make her lunch. Once breakfast is done, then it's to the bathroom to do her hair and brush her teeth. Afterwards, socks and shoes. Back pack is already packed from the night before and waiting by the door. So is the coat and shoes. 

This is NOT what happens!! 

She wants breakfast as soon as she gets up. I pour the milk over the cereal and THEN she has to go potty. She gets back and the cereal is soggy. I still make her eat some of it. She then needs to go get dressed in the clothes she picked out the night before. BUT wait for it....she forgot, OR she doesn't have a shirt or pants to go with what ever she did pick out. OY! So now I have to help her pick something. Which she doesn't like and WW3 happens. I walk away before, well, before I can remember where I put the duck tape! I start to make her lunch only to realize I don't have her lunch bag. ME, "Avery where is your lunch bag? AVERY, "I don't know" ME, "AUGH!".  I find it and have to throw out food because she didn't eat everything. And where in the world is her water bottle?? I ask her, she doesn't know where that is either. Shocker right? So I look for it and find it, not in the fridge. We are finally dressed, now lets get teeth brushed and hair combed. I put to much tooth paste on the tooth brush so she rinses most of it off. Brushes about three times and is done. Then I'm pulling her hair. "Head up, Avery. But Mommy the lights hurt my eyes. Then close them child!" She wants two braids but we only have time for one. 

Socks and shoes time. 
"Avery, are those the socks from yesterday? 
Avery go get clean socks on! We are going to be late!
I can't find any. 
(As I'm walking away to go into her room) 
Girl!! We should be in the car right now and you can't find any clean socks!!" 
Which I found in her dresser drawer! 

We finally get out the door and she walks like she is walking thru syrup. I have to put my hand on her back to even get her to the car. I don't know how many times she has almost gotten her head hit by the door because she isn't paying attention. (or how many times it has been hit.....) 

We get into the car and she has finally started to buckle herself. Yes I know, it took her long enough! We drive to school and she will call out Toaster!! That's what we call KIA Soul's. We get to school and I tell her, I love her, not to eat her friends and to show them what shes got. Now that I typed that out, I am so glad I never got a phone call about her flashing kids in school!! 

I drive back and come into the apartment to the smell of coffee and dirty dishes. AH! Home. 

10 more days of school people. Then it's summer!! 
Stay tuned for the "oh my gosh, when is summer over rant!"   

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