Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Did You Just Call Me?

Would you ever let a boyfriend call you a *itch? 

Maybe I should rephrase that, would you ever be ok with your boyfriend calling you a *itch, even joking around? What if you're the boyfriend, would you ever call your girlfriend that? If you do/did, why? 

Why, out of all the things you can say to a woman, you choose that word?

Years ago I was with a friend, her boyfriend and boyfriends friend. Double date, no, well maybe, but NO! Anyway, my friends boyfriend was being a jerk to her. I was standing up for her and he called me a *itch. I told his friend to pull over I was getting out. That no one calls me that. I didn't know where we were but I didn't care. I would have called someone to pick me up. That didn't happen, I stayed in the car, they dropped me off first. I stopped talking to my friends boyfriend for months. I never went out with the two of them for just as long if not longer, and I would drive. Years later the boyfriend became my friends husband. He brought it up one day. Asking me if I remembered it and I told him yes. He asked would I have really gotten out of the car? Yes, yes I would have. He never called me that, at least to my face, after that first time.  Now I know that's not really the same situation from your boyfriend calling you one just joking around. I still feel the same way though. 

I just don't think that its something you say to the person you are in a relationship with. The person you like, or even love. You don't use words like that, even joking around. It's disrespectful. What happens when you two fight and those type of words come into it? Then is it different? What makes it different? Because they are said in anger? I feel if you are going to use that type of language in everyday conversation when what is going to keep you from calling each other names when fighting?

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