Friday, July 19, 2013

I Love Being A Girl

I really do. We get to wear make-up, we have fun clothes, and smell good. Not to say boys don't have fun clothes and smell good. I've never been a boy so I know what I like, and I like being a girl. This being said, I went through my make-up today. I needed to get rid of the colors of lipstick that I never use, and everything expired. I have just found this girl on YouTube that I love. I have watched her put on her foundation I don't even know how many times. Wow that might sound creepy. So I will explain. She does how to videos on YouTube. She is the reason why I got three new make up brushes and concealer. Now when I look at myself in the mirror I like what I see. Well after I do my make up. I'm not coming down on myself. I have rosacea. So it seemed that what ever I did, the red still came through. Now that I have learned again how to put my make up on, it's not bad. I still will never need blush!! 

I have taken all of my make up, brushes, and other tools out of the bathroom and brought them into my room. I think that I am walking a thin line here. Avery is four now and is tall enough to reach everything on my dresser. So I might be regretting this any day now. I made the move due to the one bathroom. Someone is always in there and to tell you the truth it gets really hot in there after a shower. Now that I am in my room I can have a fan blowing on me if I want! I feel so girly with everything in little jars and baskets. I need to put a mirror up and then I am good to go. For now. Hahaha. I like to change things around so given a little bit of time and some time Pinterest stalking I will make it prettier. 

My humble amount of girly stuff. 

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  1. I can't wait to see the picture of Avery with your make up on :-)