Saturday, July 6, 2013

Round Is A Shape

It's not a mystery that I am over weight. When I step on the Wii fit and it says "OH, that's obese". Or when I tell everyone that I'm in shape and they look at me sideways. Round is a shape, people. If you have read my blog you will know that I am Type 2. That it was just a few months ago that I found out. The whole family then joined the gym. I love going. The smell of the pool makes me happy. When I am going farther then I have before I start to smile. I love the way it feels. I am proud of myself. 

It's when I try things like the elliptical for 10 minutes to only discover that I am really not ready for it! Another example, when one of my skinny friends tells me I should do lunges with her. All the way around the track. Then again I have that light bulb moment that I am still not ready. For days I hurt. DAYS people. Not just until the next day or when ever fit people feel better. DAYS!! I went to the gym, first time in a while, shh don't tell anyone, on Wednesday. It's now Saturday and I still can not get up without sounding like an old man. I mean a very old man! Never mind what I look like! The pain in my thighs, wow. That's all I can say. Now if I could just stand for the next day or so I will be fine. It's when I need to sit to pee that I really start to re-think my friendships with skinny people. 

Chris and I got to talking about the end of July. I have signed up for a 5K. He said to me, are you going to be ready? So at this point I gave him the look that said. This is coming from the guy that signing up for the Chicago Marathon without running since high school. THEN didn't even finish half of it? Hmm?  Yeah, thanks for the support honey! I get it though. He really is looking out for me. He has seen me after the elliptical and the lunges so he might know what he is talking about. 

So am I ready? To run three miles? Outside, where people can see me? I can say without hesitation that no I'm not. Will I be ready? Heck yes!! I have enough time to get myself there. I have the support of my friends that will be there doing it with me. There will be things that I need to work on. Like breathing. Yes breathing would be a good thing to be doing while running. Chris was telling me something about a four beat song. I gave him the look that said. Look buddy I know your crazy and you know your crazy. You have to show me what your talking about. By the way, my looks say a lot!! I learn by doing. He lost me when he said, what you need to do is... 

So pray for me. That I get to the gym and train like I am supposed to. That I watch what I eat. Also that I do not hurt myself anymore. 

I have a doctor appointment the week after the 5K. So I will be looking forward to the scale and maybe even cutting back on my meds. 


  1. Kim , the best thing about running is that you can always take a break and walk. it doesn't matter if a mile takes 5 minutes or 25, it is still a mile. Better yet, it is more than all the people at home on the couch are doing!!!
    Get 'em GIRL!

  2. You will do great for the race! We can do some practice runs when I get back to town if you want :-) We can take the girls to the RecPlex and go around the lake, walking and running at your pace :-)