Thursday, July 4, 2013


People annoy me. I am in a few of garage sale sites on Facebook. The people that go on there are dumb. I see a post that says pick up in a bla city when your not even in the same city that your posting in. Why are you in this group? One you are 30 minutes away. Two you are in another state. Three if your not willing to meet half way you shouldn't be in the group!! 

Another thing that drives me nuts. The people that use coupons then re-sell those items on the sites. I can always tell when there is a good coupon. I start seeing those items show up on the site. All I want to say to them is. Will you take my coupons for them? Since you cleared the shelf to then turn around and sell them to make money on people that do not know any better? I can't get away from them either. Every site that I am on, some new yahoo is on there selling their stock pile stuff. 

Oh and to the people that are posting all their baked goods. This is a GARAGE sale site!!! Not a BAKE sale site. Go Away!! One, why are you in this group? Two, where are you baking this stuff? Three, are you licensed, checked out by the health department? Four, dumb people stop buying their stuff without asking these things first!!!

A friend of mine added me to a Mom's group. She told me about this post about Mom's complaining about people that smoke in their cars while kids are in there. That they smoke, but not in the car. I said oh add me I will tell them they are dumb. I finally read the post and I was ashamed to be in the same area as these yahoos! Ok so follow me here. 

Mom #1, "First off I want to admit that I am a smoker. I do not smoke in my home or around my daughter. If we are outside I may occasionally have one but if she comes close I move it or put it out. What pisses me off is I have seen so many people driving around with little ones in their car and I see them smoking! How does anyone think that's ok?!?! I think that is so horrible! It is not ok to smoke in the car with your baby/child! I drilled this into my hubby before I had my daughter too because he is a big smoker. I just can't believe it! 

Mom #2 I quit smoking 3 months ago. But when I did smoke I was like you. I always said it was my choice to smoke not my son. I also get so upset when I see that or when you can smell smoke on kids clothing. There is no reason for this!! People need to stop being lazy and selfish!!

In the twelve of so posts after that offer varying agreeing with Mom #1. One mom calls her a "smart smoker" for not smoking in front the her kids. Another said something about agreeing with her 100%. There is one or two that say something about it's her choice to smoke and she shouldn't do it around her kids. That they had parents that smoked non stop and have asthma now because of it. Mom #1 said she has parents that did the same thing, she has asthma and still became a smoker. Another mom said it should be illegal, that she heard something about people being ticketed for smoking with kids in the car. 

OH MY GOSH people!! Really? Just because you do not smoke in the car or in front of your kids does not mean they do not know what is going on. Or that they are not effected by your smoke. Do you change your clothes and take a shower before coming back inside? Do you have all of your windows closed while outside? Do you think that they do not see, when and why you go outside to smoke? Stop thinking that your better than others because your not. You smoke, that means that the chances are your kids are going to smoke. Your shortening your life with them because you smoke. I lost my Mom this year to lung cancer, so I have a front row seat to what your kids see. Stop being so stupid. Smoking is bad, PERIOD.

Ok I think I feel better. That is subject to change if I go back on Facebook though!