Saturday, March 22, 2014

MOVING; Start Packing Day

I have waited for this day for almost four years. 
I would dream about it. 
Plan it. 
Talk about how I was going to do it. 

Now that it's here. I am not as happy as I was going to be. I miss my Mom, Chris and I have been fighting, and I am just not feeling good. 
Depression can do that. 
I know that it's going to be much better place. It's the whole process of getting everything packed. Then unpacked. The stress that goes along with that. I don't feel like cleaning this place knowing that in a few short weeks I will have to be deep clean it again to get our security deposit back. We have never gotten the whole thing back so I feel like it's the holy grail. I would finally be able to get away from the people that smoke. Although I don't know the new neighbors and things could be just as bad. 

I would feel better if I had a plan how to pack. A step by step plan on what I should pack now, then once we get closer. The only advice that I have gotten was. 
"Make friends with people lifting weights at the gym" 
"If your tired of packing just tell yourself that you 
don't want to the rest of your stuff anyway" 
Well I did find one good piece of advice. When packing use different colors for each room. Then the boxes get put in the right place right away. 

We do need to buy things for the new place. A bed for Avery and lamps for the bedrooms. I'm sure more storage pieces also. I have figured out that I don't like to buy things for the place that we are not living in for the rest of our lives. Does that make sense? I would look at all the pretty things that 31 has to offer. I want to get all of it, well most of it. :D I stop though knowing that I don't know if the bags, boxes or totes, I get will work in the space that I am moving into. There I think that makes sense. 

OK So now I need to focus on the good things so I can get off the couch and start packing. 

1) The girls will have their own rooms, with doors that can be closed. 

2) The kitchen is BIG!! I think I will have more than four drawers!! AND a dish washer! 

3) The laundry is 1.50 cheaper per load. 

4) The storage is bigger, now Chris said this. I wouldn't know. 

5) We will be saving a lot of gas and time. Meaning, Avery will be able to nap and I will not have to wake her up to pick up Whitney. 

6) I even have a couple friends that are within walking distance.

Now I need to focus on this instead of worrying about all the rest of the stuff I didn't write about. :(

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